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To get a quote you may call us, email us, fax us, or you can come on by to our offices in East Los Angeles and we will be happy to go over your project with you.  To get the fastest response to your request for quote, it’s best to provide us with:

  • A sample (if available)

  • A Technical Drawing (and CAD file if available)

  • Quantities needed

  • Pack-out requirements

  • Transit preferences

  • Material requirements

First Articles

If your order requires a new die (extrusion) or a new mold (injection molding) then we will begin the tool making process right away.  We cut your dies and run a first article for your approval with a production purchase order.  Most of the time we have an in spec sample the first time but we occasionally have to slightly alter your die to get a better fit.  Molds for injection molding are much more complex than an extrusion die and can take much more time and be significantly more expensive to make.

Setup & Tooling Charges

Setup charges are only assessed (and usually amortized) for orders under one thousand pounds.  We produce all of the extrusion dies and a few simple molds in house. We run our tooling department at cost to remain competitive for our customers.


The standard lead time is 3 weeks for production (+ three weeks for new tooling & development).  Of course this all depends on the complexity and size of the order as well as our current backlog.  We do not accept rush charges to jump orders in the queue because we value all of our customers and bidding out their priorities can lead to an overall reduction in service.  We do have ways to expedite certain processes without disrupting our production and we are glad to explore those options if they are available or required so that we can accommodate tighter lead times if necessary.


Our customers usually schedule their preferred carriers from FOB Los Angeles but we can also provide a carrier for your convenience.  Local delivery is also available to the greater Los Angeles area via our own trucks.

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