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  • Which materials do you extrude?
    We primarily extrude Acrylic, ABS, Styrene, PVC (rigid & Flexible) and Butyrate. We can also run polycarbonate, HDPE, LDPE and Polypropylene – primarily in tubing.
  • Which materials do you injection mold?
    We mold Acrylic, ABS, Acetal, Styrene, Butyrate, Polycarbonate, HDPE, LDPE ,Polypropylene, Nylon & most Engineering grades.
  • Do you stock parts?
    We carry hundreds of stock products ready for same day shipping though our retail division. Please visit to access our online store.
  • Expedite charge?
    We do not accept rush charges to jump orders in the queue because we value all of our customers and bidding out their priorities can lead to an overall reduction in service. We do have ways to expedite certain processes without disrupting our production and we are glad to explore those options if they are available or required so that we can accommodate tighter lead times if necessary.
  • Do you have minimums?
    Minimums are based on poundage. We have a 1,000 pound minimum run for extrusions. We will run as little as 100 pounds but because the extrusion process requires significant setups, a setup charge is necessary for small runs.
  • Can you apply tape to parts?
    We can, and often do, apply tape to our extrusions. We typically work with 1/2" to 1" double coated foam tape or clear tape along with special order tapes when required.
  • Do you Drop Ship?
  • Can you print on parts?
    We operate a full pad printing department for our extrusions and injection molded parts. We can also provide stand alone pad printing services for large quantities.
  • Can you do special packaging?
    Typically we ship in bulk but we are happy to accommodate any special packaging requirements.
  • Do you Miter Cut?
    No Problem.
  • Do you cut to size?
    Anything below 3" may require special setups but beyond that we can cut to any size within a sixteenth of an inch.
  • Can you color match?
    Yes, by standard or by PMS. Special color matches take a little longer and may require minimums but we do it all the time.
  • What is largest part you can extrude?
    We have extruded a 28" sign board. The tooling is quite massive but it can be done.
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